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  1. There are five different tattoos we have added to our server. These; Solar Tattoo, Lunar Tattoo, Stella Tattoo , Nimbus Tattoo and Special Tattoo Item Name Bonuses Given Item Image Fee Item Duration Solar Tattoo Defense +30 , HP +200 , MP Bonus +100 , STR Bonus +10 , Weight +150 , Cont +1 150 TL Balance 30 Day Lunar Tattoo Defense +30 , HP +200 , MP Bonus +100 , DEX Bonus +10 , Weight +150 , Cont +1 150 TL Balance 30 Day Stella Tattoo Defense +30 , HP +200 , MP Bonus +100 , INT Bonus +10 , Weight +150 , Cont +1 150 TL Balance 30 Day Nimbus Tattoo HP +100 , Coins+25% , Item Drop +20% , Weight 500 200 TL Balance 30 Day Special Tattoo Defense +3 , HP +100 , MP Bonus 100 , Weight 150 Starter Package Gift 7 Day
  2. Hello, As the xACS Team, I will talk about our new features that we will present to you on our #RAGNAROK server.Remember, Many Modified Features And Systemic Changes Of This Kind Will Allow You To Spend Your Time In The Game In A Better And Comfortable Way. We decided to modify some unique items. New version Old version
  3. As the xACS Team, I will talk about our new features that we will present to you on our #RAGNAROK Server. [ Renewed ] Auto Loot System : 2 New Features Added to F10 Loot Section. How can we use it? Enter F10 Loot Settings , In the opened section, 2 new features will be waiting for you, except for the classic loot settings. These Features Are As Written Below. Black List Mode (Item You Do Not Want To Take) White List Mode (Item You Want to Take) You do not want your autoloot to take an item that you have determined, for this it is very simple to do. Click on the Black List Button to the Right of the Black List Mode by coming to the Loot Section. In the Opened Window ; Add Remove Search 3 buttons will be waiting for you. In the Search section, you need to write the name of the item that you do not want your autoloot to take. After you see the item you are looking for in the table, click on the box on the right. After clicking, the item you selected will be blacklisted. If you want to remove the item you have selected from the blacklist, you need to click on the Remove section from the same screen. Visually Details: If you want an item to be take, you need to do the above steps from the White List Mode Option. NOTE: 2 Features do not work at the same time, you can only use 1 of them. You cannot use Black List Mode when White List Mode is on. Video will be added
  4. Hello DARKKO; Some information about the funclass event; -There is no level limit in the event, everyone can participate. -When the event starts, everyone is given a random JOB. -JOB selection interface automatically opens when the event starts, when you enter the area where the event is, or exit the game and re-enter. -When the event starts, all the characters start with item , when the event ends, your original items will be active again. -After changing a job, it is necessary to wait 15 minutes (variable) to change again. -Transformation Scrolls do not work. -HP, AC Attack etc. Skills such as scrolls, priest buffs, mage resists work. -Scrolls that give stat (STR, HP, DEX, MP, INT, Lion, Weapon & Armor Enchant Scroll) do not work and do not have any effect. -Master 10 works on all jobs (15% damage reduction). -Items such as arrow, master stone must be purchased. -Master 2 paper, Mage 35, 54 and 57 papers are not required. -Cospre items do not work, they do not give any bonuses. (Valkyrie, Gryphon, Death Knight Emblem etc.)
  5. Hello DARKKO ; Barracks Wars that will bring you a new war excitement in EUKO, detailed about we are happy to present the information to you! How to Register? - When the Event is Active, the Join Window will appear on your screen. When you click on Join, the Info Screen will come as the picture below. Their explanations are as follows; - Clan Members Wishing to Join the Event Must Press Join. (Only Clan Members Can Participate) - Your Clan Grade must be at least G3 to participate in the event - In order to participate in the event, a minimum of 4 people from your Clan must be registered. - Maximum 16 Clan Members per Clan can participate in the event. - Clan Members Wishing to Participate in the Event Must Have A Minimum Level of 55 - The Maximum Number of Clan that can Participate in the Event is 30. - At least 3 Clan Must Register for the Event, or Event Will Be Canceled. What are Event Details? - Registration is done in just 18 minutes. - 30 Clan registered can participate in the event. - If Participation to the Event Is Too Much, Random Will Receive 30 Clan. - To participate in the event, your clan must be at least G3 and 4 players must register. - Clan Members who register for the event will be automatically teleported to the map at the end of the timer. War Map and Contents - There are 30 regions on the map where Participating Clans will randomly take place. - There is one monument in each Clan Barracks. Barracks Monuments - The Health Value of each Barracks Monument is 5000. - Monuments only take 1 damage with "R" Simple attack. - Clan Members whose Barracks Monument is destroyed are automatically removed from the Event. - Clans that Destroy Another Clan's Monument earn 1 Monument Point. - Players who destroy the Clan Monument earn 1,000 NP. What Happens If I Die at the Event? - If killed by any player, you will be resurrected in your Clan's Monument. - When you die, you can lose as much NP as you lose on the Colony Zone Map, and you can earn when you Kill an Opponent. - Information of the players who killed each other during the event is passed through the chat window. Victory Conditions - The Clan with the Most Monument Points Wins the Event. - If There Are Clans with Equal Monument Points, the Winning Clan is determined by the number of opponent players killed. - If there are clans with equal Monument points and kills, the clan that first destroyed the monument wins the event. Other informations - There is no EXP Loss in the event. - When players use the /town command they are teleported to their barracks monuments. - When the event is over, all players are sent to the Moradon map. - If a Clan member drops out of the game during the event, another clan member can join the battle instead. - Players who want to quit during the event can exit from [Judge] Npcs located next to their monument. - If All Clan Members Remove from the [Judge] NPC during the Event, their Monument HP will drop 10 HP every 1 second.
  6. ARES

    Lottery Event Details Information

    Hello, as DARKKO Team, I will tell you about our features. Do Not Forget This Kind Of Modified Features And System Changes Will Allow You To Spend Your Time In The Game In A More Quality And Comfortable Way. What is Lottery Event? With a certain amount of Coins, you will be able to win gifts by entering the lottery. How can I participate in the Lottery Event? If deemed appropriate by the Game Master team, the event will open and a window like this will appear on your screen. Their explanations are as follows; Time Remaining : Indicates when the Event is Finished and Announced Tickets Sold : Shows the Amount of Tickets Sold Number of People to win : Shows How Many People Will Win When The Draw Finalizes Purchased Ticket : Shows How Many Tickets You Buy and You can Buy. You Can Participate Maximum 100x in Visual (Variation in numbers may be seen) When the Event is Opened, you can see the amount requested from you to participate in the lottery from where I pointed in red. If you click 1x Buy Ticket, the Coin Fee will be collected from You and the 1x participation in the Lottery will be reflected in the Purchased Ticket section above. Prize Section shows the gifts to be earned. (Gifts may vary) The Winners Are will be Named Notice and become a Fireworks Display
  7. Hello DARKKO ; We continue our innovations What is Merchant Chat System? As we all know, there were no alternatives to the players who made the market, sold items, except Knight, Shout and All Chat. We Are Happy To Present Merchant Chat System To You By Breaking These Standards. Now You Can Make Your Announcement on All Maps ELMORAD-KARUS How Can I Use Merchant Chat System? You can write your announcement by clicking on the Merchant Chat Button located at the bottom of the Damage Bar. You can reach the details from the pictures at the bottom. After you click on Merchant Chat, A New Window Will Be Coming To Your Screen. After You Write The Text From The Bottom Part, You Can Send By Pressing the Enter Key. We continue to innovate without slowing down;)
  8. Hello, as DARKKO Team, I will tell you about our features. Do Not Forget This Kind Of Modified Features And System Changes Will Allow You To Spend Your Time In The Game In A More Quality And Comfortable Way. Anti AFK Slots, They Have More Drop Rates Compared To Others But They cannot be targeted with area damage and things Like Z - Genie.You can only click with the mouse and use your single skills If You Need To Give An Example Of Drop Rate; If Troll Drop Rate Taken With Z is 3% Anti AFK Troll Drop Rate: 6%. On Which Maps are Anti AFK Mobs? Which Mobs Have Anti AFK? Anti AFK Mobs Available on All Maps These are as follows; Moradon Kecoon Kecoon Warrior Kecon Fighter Kecon Captain EMC Scolar Baron Stone Golem Giant Golem Uruk Blade Uruk Tron LFC Scolar Haunga Baron Uruk Blade Stone Golem Giant Golem Uruk Tron Eslant Lesser Dark Stone Lesser Demon Dark Mare Stone Golem Lesser Satiros Lesser Titan Lesser Harpy Lesser Soldier Colony Zone Cardinal Harpy Raven Harpy Stone Golem Giant Golem Dark Mare Beast Blood Seeke
  9. Hello, We Are Here With A Great Innovation That Will Fully Fit The Myko Concept. We are sure that this system will add a completely different color to the game. What is DC - EXP - WAR Flash? There are 3 types of Flash. These are as follows. WAR Flash - [Increases your Nation Point.] DC Flash - [Increases Drop Rates From Mobs.] EXP Flash - [Increases Exp from Mobs.] Where Can I Get FLASH ? You will be able to buy Flashes from the NPC named [AMON Scrolls] in Moradon for a certain fee. What Should I Consider While Using FLASH? Only Characters With Premium May Use Flashes To Use WAR Flash, You Must Have WAR Premium To Use DC Flash, You Must Have DC Premium To Use EXP Flash, You Must Have EXP Premium How Many Can I Use? Is There a Time After Pressing? You Can Press 5 Times [1x Flash Increases 10%] Since Our Server Provides Uninterrupted Service For Days, 3 Hours Has Been Added To The Flash Family,After 3 Hours, The Flashes You Press Will Lose Its Effect. When you print the flashes, you can look at the feature that it will give in the Server Info section. NOTE: Drop Exp Np % of Flashes Will Be Revised And Shared Within The Subject.
  10. Hello DARKKO ; What is PM and Notice URL System? The URL (Link) will now be active in the PMs that are in the developed system.With this system, you will be able to quickly reach the topics opened by us and open the URLs from the players. How To Use? You Need To Send The Address (Url) As In The Picture Below. At the beginning of the link you will send (if it is not www, you will send it normally) when you click on the link, you will receive a warning window. NOTE: This System Will Be Continuously to be followed, Users Throwing A Malicious Software Link etc. Will Be Banned From All xACS Servers.
  11. Hello EUKO ; With the User Info System, you can now view the players bags. In order to view a character's bag, we press the 'H' key on our keyboard in the game and click the User_Info Option from the window that opens. Here, it is enough to write the name of the character you want in the box that appears. (You can check the Bag of Distant Characters) If The Person You Are Looking At Is With You, You Can See His Bag If We Right Click On The Character And Call User-Info.
  12. Hello DARKKO ; As known, there are 4 jobs in the game. The Highest Right NP Winning Player (JOB) in the Right NP System has the Dragon symbol. We changed this to set the right NP symbols to specific for each JOB. In short, instead of being 1x Dragon in the game, in game now have 4x Dragon. NOTE: Dragon is completely an example and all other symbols are active with this system.
  13. Hello DARKKO ; We Continue Our Endless Innovation Series You can access the ID number of the character with User_info. Including Name Change Scroll This ID number does not change in any way. PM can be thrown over ID. Example: /pm# 1234 or @#1234
  14. Hello DARKKO; Death Notice filtering added to Command (H) list. 4 settings available; - Show all - Only Party and himself - Only Himself - None
  15. Hello DARKKO ; Camps Will Be Opened When Necessary And Closed When Not Necessary. Moradon, Elmorad Castle, Luferson Castle and in Eslant there are Camp System. NOTE: Bosses Do Not Spawn in areas of Camp 2 , 3
  16. Hello DARKKO; How does the Item Rental System Work and What are the Details? - Only Weapon, Armor and Jewelry items can be given for a period. - Locked or timed items cannot be rented. - In return, you can give Coins, KC Vouchers or a timed item. - KC Voucher items are transferred directly. No time can be selected for KC Voucher items. - You Need To Right Click The Person To Select The [Rental Item] Option And Submit A Request. -When the request is accepted, you need to put the item you will rent or lend in the box and determine how many hours it will take. (Up to 1,3,6,12,24,48 Hours Available) -A faded copy of the item you rented will stay on you and you can see the return time on it (Unavailable) -In this state, the item will not accept any action other than changing its location in the inventory until it returns: -It cannot be not wear, trashed, sold to NPCs, merchant or traded, re-leased, banked, thrown into extra inventory, sealed, upgraded, etc. -It appears in a yellow color on the person who takes the item (also the image of the item on the character will be slightly yellowish) and you can see the finish time on it. -You can throw the Rented Item in the Trash, but it is not returnable.
  17. Hello DARKKO ; Death Sentence is a Scroll to Work Only in the Colony Zone Area. You Can Use Death Sentence By Selecting A Target. (Excluding Mage and Priests) So What Happens After You Use It? Starts a Compulsory War with the Person You Choose, No One Can See You in the Area You Are In and No One Can Escape in this Small Arena - The Screen of the Targeted Person is Covered in Dark Colors. (Right) -It is not allowed to get out of the area where the blue lights exist, the town cannot be, it cannot be exited -The person who wins the battle gets 2x NP and the one who lose the war loses 2x NP. -When the war is over, the Blue Zone is Closed and Other Users Can See You. -The maximum duration of the battle is 10 minutes. If there is no death from the parties within 10 minutes, the area will be canceled. -If one of the sides falls out of the game or leaves the map, the other side will still receive 2x NP prize. -After the scroll is used, it enters the waiting period of 10 minutes. This time cannot be reset with Relog.
  18. Hello DARKKO ; If your character drops out of the game during the market, it will automatically enter the game after 5 minutes and re-establish the same market from where it left off. This way, your market character will be maintained until the items in the market are exhausted. Possible Server Restarts Are Also Included In This Condition. It Works in Both Buy and Sell Markets.
  19. Hello DARKKO ; How Does It Work & Activate? When we press "F11" in Game, a display like on the screen will be waiting for you. You can set the quality of the video you will shoot with the Resolution Section. [Supports up to 2K.] The higher you set the Bitrate value with the Bitrate Section, the better the image quality of the video. [Supports up to 100.00] With FPS Section FPS / Number of Images Per Second. 30 FPS means 30 frames per second. 60 FPS means 60 frames per second. [Supports 60 FPS] You can start shooting video with the Record Option.
  20. Hello DARKKO ; How It Works & Activated? When you log into your account for the first time, an image like on the screen will be waiting for you next to the "Server List". You need to create a pattern like your classic phones, but it will not be easy and not too difficult.If you do not want to use it, you can enter the game directly. Of course, we do not suggest this. I created it as an example and clicked the Create button. Then it will ask us to create the same to confirm again. We Draw Again To Confirm. We confirmed and such an image welcomes us. Our Account is Now Protected by Pattern Lock.
  21. Hello DARKKO; Now you can "VS" whenever you want. All you have to do is right click on the player you want to "VS" to do 1vs1 | 2vs2 | 8vs8, sending a versus request by selecting one of the options. IMPORTANT: VS requests , 1vs1 | 2v2 | 8v8 is implemented as. 1vs1 Arena You need to right click on the player you will send the VS Offer to and click on the "1vs1" option in the menu that opens.If you enter and confirm the Knight Cash amount on the screen that opens, the VS request is sent to the player you want to throw VS with the Knight Cash Amount you have determined. - 1vs1 The player who gets 3 kills wins. - 1vs1 You can benefit from the Arena event maximum 3 times a day, There is a maximum of 1000 Knight Cash Limits. - 1vs1 If won, it is automatically credited to the winning player's account. 2vs2 Arena You need to right click on the player you will send the VS Offer to and click on the "2vs2" option in the menu that opens.If you enter and confirm the Knight Cash amount on the screen that opens, the VS request is sent to the player you want to throw VS with the Knight Cash Amount you have determined. - 2vs2 Team captains must send a VS request to the opposing team captain after the teams have been formed. - 2vs2 The team that gets the first 7 Kills wins. - 2vs2 You can benefit from the Arena event maximum 3 times a day, There is a maximum of 1000 Knight Cash Limits. 8v8 Arena You need to right click on the player you will send the VS Offer to and click on the "8vs8" option in the menu that opens.If you enter and confirm the Knight Cash amount on the screen that opens, the VS request is sent to the player you want to throw VS with the Knight Cash Amount you have determined. - 8v8 Arena Team captains must send a VS request to the opposing team captain after the teams have been formed. - 8v8 Arena The team that gets the first 20 Kills wins. - 8v8 Arena There is no limit to the Arena Event, you can do as much as you want

    Mini Ronark Land Details

    Entrence for the event will be from Lunar Valley for both races. The event map is designed as smaller version of the Ronark Land map. There are two chaos stone in bowl area of the map. There will be various collection race event specific for this map.
  23. What is Ronark Land Base Even ? It's a war event that opened specific days of the week. You can enter from Lunar Valley It's a war zone you can Farm experience, national point and items with high competition. There are various monsters in the bowl area. There will be various collection race event specific for this map.

    Bifrost details

    Event Name : Bifrost ( Will be activated later. Bifrost event is not active on official immediately ) Event Times : Uncertain Event Days : Everyday The nation who captured the Bifrost Monument will have access to bifrost area 30 minutes before the enemy nation. You can obtain bifrost fragments from killing the the monsters who represents seven deadly sins. You can obtain unique items from Chaotic generator with using fragments. There are two types of stones that you can obtain from the bifrost monters.
  25. Event name : Border Defence War [Bdw] Event schedule : Every day - 01:00 - 14:00 - 19:00 How would you join BDW ? ; * In order to join this event , you need to be online at certain time this event occurs. * When it's the time of BDW, you can simply click onto join via this pop-up visible in this screenshot. It pops-up when the time has come. Details About BDW ; * War is 8 vs 8 , and every player is EQUAL. There is no difference in terms of LvL or Items. * War will be ended in 30 minutes. You will be joined into the war as a party of 8. * When you killed an enemy , you will get 1 point for your nation. * Nation that captures and takes " Altar of Manes " to their base will earn 80 points for their nation. * If a character does not respawn or stays AFK for a certain time , they will be sent back to Moradon automatically. Win Conditions ; * 500 points nation is the winner! * If none of nations have the 500 points after 30 minutes, more points nation will be winner of Border Defence War. The Winning Team Red Treasure Chest 8 Hours Special Emblem (100 HP +%15 exp + 2NP Bonus) 500 National Point 5M Experience Points Event Coin Green Soul The Losing Team 3M Experience Points Event Coin If you wonder what Event Coin will do Click here.
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