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New Server REDEMPTION | Official 7 April 22:00 GMT+3

bildiri New Server 'REDEMPTION' Game Introduction

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 Hello Dear xACS lovers,
In order to have more detailed information about our new server, we recommend that you carefully examine this topic we have prepared for you.


"You fight with courage, you fight with honor... But why do you truly fight?"

To understand our war, and why our Knights battle, we must seek the knowledge of things forgotten by most. The roots of our conflict go as deep as the very nature of the universe. The World was not always as it is today. Logos was this being, and his impulse was to crate a reflection of himself. It was he who shaped what would become the world of Carnac with its tall mountains, deep valleys and blue skies. It was he who started our wonderful journey through lands of Moradon and Colony Zone. Now we have a chance to honor his creation and make Knight Online a better place for all of the players who have been loyal to the game. We might not have the power of a God like Logos but we have a a passionate team whose only goal is to create a better environment for players. These two nations are at war, not to acquire each other's territory, but for their own survival. But why you should chose Euro Knight Online to participate in this great war between Karus and El Morad nations.



In every industry where the people behind the project are as important as the project itself. Having a proper team for Knight Online server development is no different. We gather a professional team to reach our desired goals. Over the years Knight Online Private server industry has come long way and certainly improved. Although Knight Online is a very old game, it has a special place in our hearts. Its a game from our childhood. Now all of us are grown men and women and still find value in this old game. We are feeling the same way as a team. Our goal was to make this game even better, stronger, safer and more enjoyable for the players.


He says, "The only thing that does not change is change itself".

Philosopher Heraclitus who lived in Ephesus between 535-475 BC. We take this approach and strive to improve xACS Servers.

Working in coordination with our developer team, our Graphics team are working hard to bring Knight Online to a better position. We are working to improve the game not only technically but also visually. Knight Online may be an old game with graphics from 2002, but that doesn't stop us from improving KO in terms of graphics. In addition to our dominance over Sever files, we also have a team that dominates the game in terms of graphics. In this server, you can see new skins, new armors and new creatures, bosses. As a team, we will continue to improve the game regularly. After our official launch, you can see periodic visual improvements and updates.


v.1098 MYKO
Level Cap ( 65 %50 )
Exp Difficulty ( Hard )︱Item Difficulty ( Hard )︱Coins Difficulty ( Hard )
Master Quest Active From Day One
Blessed Upgrade Scroll Quests ( 65 ) Settings to be Active at 65 Level
War Zone ( Colony Zone )
For Trade And Merchant Transactions Level Limit 1
Level Limit for Teleporting to Elmorad Castle , Luferson Castle Maps: ( 10 ) 
Level Limit for Teleporting to Ronark Land and Other Battle Maps: ( 35 ) 
Level Limit for Teleporting to Eslant Map: ( 60 ) 
Item Sales Limit With Merchant Knight Cash Minimum 5000 Knight Cash
User Limit 25.000 User
Iron Necklace , Iron Belt and Chitin Shield Drops Closed
Isiloon Active From Day One
Nation Change Made Every 15 Days Free
Skill & Stat Reset Every 15 Days Made Free (NOTE: You Can Reset Only One With This Reset)
Elmorad, Luferson ( x ) Eslant, Military Camp Quantity ( x )
Multi Client Limit : ( 2 ) , IP Limit : ( 6 )
Anti Shields Added to the Harpy Family
Level For Kekuri Ring Farm (x  ) And Premium ( Platinum Premium ) Condition added



You can reach the topic by clicking on the picture.




NOTE: The features I have shared below are just a few of the features we have made. You can access all our innovations by clicking here.

Features & Changes Details
4 Types of Premium Activated  Click Here 
Voucher Right-Click Exchange Click Here
Upgrades of Some Worthless Items Updated to +9 Click Here
Cape Colors Renewed Click Here
Added Kill & Coins Collecting Feature for Collection Race Event Click Here
Some Unique Items Buffed Click Here
Perks System Activated Click Here
Auto Loot Feature Renewed Click Here
Add-on to see the level of mobs. Click Here
Animated Capes Click Here
PM Emoji System Click Here
PM Expansion Feature Activated Click Here
Clan ( Online ) Buff System  Click Here
Clan Cape Symbols Renewed Click Here
In-Game Video Capture Feature Click Here
Character Identity (ID) Click Here
In-Game Ticket Click Here
Added Bonus to Clan & King Cape Click Here
In-Game Weekly Rankings Click Here
Hud System Activated Click Here
 User Info System Click Here



You can reach the topic by clicking on the picture.



 General Game Guide

Guide Details
What are the Farm Slots You Can Get Blessed Upgrade Scrolls Click Here
What are Starter Items Click Here
What are the Upgrade Rates Click Here
How Can We Turn Old Accessory Click Here
Required NP Quantities for Clan ( Grade ) Click Here
What are Kekurikekukaka Coordinates Click Here
What are Atilla Coordinates Click Here
What are the durations of the Boss Time Click Here
How can you make the Accessory Quest System Click Here
What are Anti-AFK Mobs Which Mobs Anti-AFK Click Here
How to Use Genie in General Click Here
What are the Priest Genie Settings Click Here



Prize Pool

Prize Pool Details
8V8 Mage tournament Click Here
8V8 Melee tournament Click Here
8V8 Archer tournament Click Here
1V1 Warrior tournament Click Here
1V1 Asas tournament Click Here
1V1 Priest tournament Click Here
1V1 Okçu tournament Click Here
Money Hunt in the Bowl Click Here
Earn NP Sell Us Click Here
Right National Point with TL Prize Every Week Click Here
Castle Siege War with TL Prize Every Week Click Here
Random TL Earn Click Here
TL Awarded Level Cap Click Here
Get Most Kills with TL Award (Each Month) Click Here
TL Awarded KLASGAME Balance Live Broadcast Click Here
TL Balance GiveAway's Click Here
TL Award Barracks War Click Here


You can reach the topic by clicking on the picture.


You can reach the topic by clicking on the picture.



Events that will be active on our new server

Event Names Details
Border Defense War Click Here
Chaos Click Here
Knight Royale Click Here
Juraid Mountain     Click Here
Forgetten Temple Click Here
Bifrost Click Here
Funclass Click Here
Barracks War Click Here
Draki's Tower Click Here
Lottery Click Here
Collection Race  Click Here
Rank Reward  Click Here
Merchant Exp Click Here
Ardream Click Here
Ronark Land Base Click Here
Yeni Colony Zone Click Here
Mini Ronark Land Click Here
Old Colony Zone Click Here


Images From Old Servers













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